TIL why A9 is called A9

The name A9 comes from ALGORITHMS (‘A’ + 9 other letters).

Guess I should have known this already.


Craigslist added something cool to their search!

I can’t believe it!  Craigslist added auto-complete (or auto-suggest or whatever you want to call it) to their query box.  Start typing in a search and it’ll suggest queries, just like a search engine.   Glad to see this feature.

NY Times article – Algorithms Get a Human Hand in Steering Web

Every few years an article pops up that’s surprised that human beings tune search engines.  Here’s the latest from the New York Times:  Algorithms Get a Human Hand in Steering Web

It’s a good thing that humans do this, otherwise I’d have no job!


Google Sandwich


Found on Reddit:  You can tell that Google and I are really close


Searching for company headquarters


I like how Google shows the answer for corporate headquarter searches like: amazon headquarters.  For all I know they’ve been doing this for a long time, but I just noticed it recently when researching the search engines by location article.

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