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Search Engine History – Web Search Before Google

A recent article called Search Engine History – Web Search Before Google

Although it didn’t have a public face (as far as I remember), I think of IBM’s Clever as the forefather of today’s internet search. It was built around hubs and authorities before Google.

Too bad LookSmart doesn’t get a mention in this article (and Yahoo does). We powered parts or all of directory search for MSN, Excite, AltaVista.

Note that Snap/NBCi where I worked comes in with a whopping 1.58% market share!

TIL why A9 is called A9

The name A9 comes from ALGORITHMS (‘A’ + 9 other letters).

Guess I should have known this already.


Craigslist added something cool to their search!

I can’t believe it!  Craigslist added auto-complete (or auto-suggest or whatever you want to call it) to their query box.  Start typing in a search and it’ll suggest queries, just like a search engine.   Glad to see this feature.

NY Times article – Algorithms Get a Human Hand in Steering Web

Every few years an article pops up that’s surprised that human beings tune search engines.  Here’s the latest from the New York Times:  Algorithms Get a Human Hand in Steering Web

It’s a good thing that humans do this, otherwise I’d have no job!


An update on my 2006 “Search Engines by location” article

Back in November 2006 I wrote this post:  Search Companies by Location.  Time to check in on the list.  It’s a bit of a randomish list.  I mean what exactly is a search company?

And obviously there are lots of new companies so maybe some day I’ll make a new list.  But here’s the list from 2006 updated with current status:

United States

Silicon Valley/Peninsula/South Bay
A9 – Palo Alto still there
Become – Mountain View – Sunnyvale
Collarity – Palo Alto  still there
Google – HQ in Mountain View  still there last I checked
Kosmix – Mountrain View  acquired by Walmart Labs, moved to San Bruno
Krugle – Menlo Park   Redwood City
Oodle – San Mateo still there
Riya – San Mateo  became and then purchased by Google (right?)
Spock    acquired by Intelius in 2009
Surfwax – Menlo Park  not sure
Yahoo – HQ in Sunnyvale  yup yup
Zvents – San Mateo   i think still there

San Francisco
Groxis  closed
LookSmart  my former company carries on as an advertising network. still in SF
Powerset acquired my Microsoft, still has an office in SF
Rojo  not sure, but redirects to
Technorati still in SF
Trulia still in SF

East Bay
Ask – HQ in Emeryville still there
Seeqpod – Emeryville  closed

Washington State
Findory – Seattle, WA  closed
Infospace – HQ in Bellevue still there.  corporate name is now blucora (at least I think that’s what’s going on)
MSN – HQ in Redmond ok
Zillow – Seattle still there

Elsewhere in the US – New York, NY and Jersulem, Israel.  hq in St. Louis.  owned by AFCV Holdings, LLC (I think)
AOL – Dulles, VA  hq in New York City now
BusyTonight – NYC closed
Gigablast – Albuqurque, NM  still there
Icerocket – Dallas, TX  still there
Indeed – Stamford, CT and Austin, TX  hq in Stamford
Lycos (Hotbot) – Waltham, MA  still in Waltham. owned by Ybrant Digital.
MetaGlossary – Aventura, FL Palo Alto
Relona – Nashua, NH  still there
Searchles – Washington D.C.  still there
Snap – Pasadena, CA  not sure
Vivisimo (Clusty) – Pittsburgh, PA still there

Outside the US

Exalead – France  Paris, France
Kartoo – France  meta search
Lexxe – Australia Epping, Australia

Not sure where these are located

Accoona  ?
Eurekester -SF, New Zealand?  San Francisco
Dogpile part of Infospace.  HQ in Bellevue
Keotag New Caledonia (?)
Ixquick The Netherlands
Metacrawler another infospace property
Metafind another infospace property
Rawsugar appears to be closed
Rollyo appears to be closed
Webcrawler another infospace property
Wink part of

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