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Yahoo! Cool Thing of the Day

True to its name, every day the writers (who are Yahoo! employees) of Yahoo! Cool Thing of the Day publish something interesting to be found in the Yahoo! universe. Recent posts have included tips for using Yahoo! Maps, Open Shortcuts, Yahoo! Travel Tips, etc.

It’s great to see these lesser known features and products being publicized.

Digforit – Meta-Search Engine for Sale is for sale on eBay. Check out the auction. As of the morning of May 8 the top bid is $15,000, and the auction ends on May 14.

For web search, Digforit uses GYM, though it’s more focused on Google. For other types of search, such as Audio, Blogs, Video etc. the engines vary. Digforit has built in a query refinement feature that pops up after you type in your query.

Back in October, , another meta-search engine, sold for $101,000, so it’ll be interesting to see what this one sells for.

Update: Sold for $25,400.