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Searchme jobs

There are some new job postings listed now on the Searchme jobs page. Look at those job descriptions flying!

* Sr Software Engineer (Webmap)
* Sr Software Engineer (Server, C++)
* Sr Software Engineer, Crawl/Index
* Sr Database Engineer
* Document Repository Engineer
* Relevance Engineer/Scientist
* Software QA Back-End Engineer

Most of the jobs can be in the Palo Alto or San Francisco office.

Searchme Blog and Press Releases

Hey, look. A couple of new Searchme press releases:

Searchme Names Ralph Rabbat as Chief Software Architect

Searchme Opens New San Francisco Office

And, hey, a new corporate blog:
Searchme Blog

April 2 update, another press release: Searchme Expands Search Expertise With the Addition of Dr. Eric Glover as Senior Staff Scientist

Yahoo drops directory in web search results

Well, it’s finally happened. Another example of search engines having amazing directories but not knowing how to integrate them with web search.
Far as I can tell Yahoo has totally dropped directory categories, such as:;_ylt=A0geu_bV_wNGO3oAwyNXNyoA?p=beatles

Searchme San Francisco office

Searchme just opened a new office in San Francisco. We’re on 2nd near Bryant, across from South Park. So now we have our HQ in Palo Alto and a satellite office in SF.

All you search-engineer-suckers who are still commuting from San Francisco to Silicon Valley, nudge nudge, drop me a line if you’d like to find out more about the openings we have for great C++ search engineers.

I used to commute an hour and a half each way to Yahoo. Now my commute is about 15 minutes each way. It’s like I have my life again.