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Remember when Zeal died a quiet death in 2006? See, R.I.P.

Now is is owned be ZEAL Media. (Thanks to Ray for pointing this out). I’m really surprised LookSmart let go of the URL all together. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised though. I wonder how much ZEAL Media had to pay for it.

Dear web masters,

I thought everyone knew these basic things, but I guess not.

* Take it easy on the Flash and Shockwave. They’re not search engine friendly and as a user I almost always skip the splash pages to get to the real content. Nor do I like waiting for fancy graphics like this Michael Jordan page to load. Is it just me? I think Nike and Adidas and these other companies feel their pages need to look fancy. There are appropriate places for these technologies, such as artistic web sites, but fore sites like official celebrity pages, like this Lindsay Lohan page, take it easy.

* Go easy on Javascript. It’s OK for navigational things, but for conveying information what’s wrong with regular HTML text?

* PDF files are annoying. If you really need them, label your links appropriately, like “Menu- PDF file”. I hate clicking on a link for a quick peek only to find myself waiting for a PDF file to download.