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Searchme Beta – get an instant Beta account

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Searchme Beta Accounts for Search Lounge readers

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Searchme Beta launch

Grab an instant Searchme Beta access account.

We’re starting to roll things out at Searchme. Head over to to sign up for a Beta invite. On our press page you can check out screen shots and videos of our search engine. Note that we’re still working really hard to continue to build and improve all components of the engine, hence the ubiquitous “Beta” label.

I think there’s a bit of confusion because people are comparing us to other “visual” engines like But uses Yahoo as its search engine whereas we’ve built everything in-house from our web map to our index to our classifiers, etc. I also hope people see that we’re a classification engine, which is one of the things my team works on, as well as presenting search results differently. Classifying the web at such a massive scale is a new thing as far as I know.

There are some articles circulating. On TechCrunch SearchMe Launches New Search Engine With Heavy Backing From Sequoia. And on All Things Digital Searchme: A New Visual Search Engine.

And here’s a silly little video that shows our engine…