Wikiseek Beta Launches

See Searchme Beta Launch

The product that my company is working on has been announced to the public. Wikiseek is a search engine that searches Wikipedia and its immediate external links. Please do not confuse this with a full-scale web search engine. Our goal with Wikiseek is to search a limited and trusted set of articles and links. We know we have some issues and we’re constantly working on improving things (hence the ubiquitous Beta).

Good press:
Wikipedia Search Engine WikiSeek Launches

And to be fair, bad press:
Wikiseek: Leveraging Wikipedia For Web Search, Poorly

We also have two tools; a search plugin and a greasemonkey-like Firefox extension that changes the way Wikipedia looks in your browser by adding a Wikiseek search button.

We have this Wikiseek Wiki for people to give us feedback.

In order to continue to improve we’re hiring. Check out the Searchme Jobs page for more info.

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  1. wow, looks really kewl, dude! it must be all about you!

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