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The Search Lounge is very pleased to feature an exclusive interview with Mike Taylor, founder of Jobs In Jobs In Search is located in the United Kingdom and bills itself as “The specialist job site for the Search Engine Industry”. As well as having listings for jobs at search engine companies, they also list positions from a variety of search-related companies, including those that do search engine optimization, online marketing, and web design. All features are free for job seekers, including registering. The site has been live since October, 2004 and in that short time I have seen the U.S. listings go from none to more than twenty.

Mike has a background in online recruitment, and to find out more about him check out his blog, including a more comprehensive biography.

This interview was conducted exclusively via email.

Hi Mike, thanks for joining us at the Search Lounge. It’s a pleasure to have you with us. Would you mind starting off by giving a bit of background information about how you came up with the idea of Jobs in Search?

Thanks for the invite Chris. I am pleased to take part.

My background is mainly HR and recruitment, having worked for large blue-chip companies such as IBM, Motorola and Nokia.

It was during my time at Nokia (1999 – 2001) that I first got involved with online recruitment. I ended up being responsible for Nokia UK’s online recruitment strategy and I also served on Nokia’s global Internet recruitment strategy board.

After leaving Nokia in 2001 I set up Web-Based-Recruitment, an online recruitment consultancy offering advice to companies on how to use the Internet to attract and recruit new employees.

As an extension to the online recruitment part of the business I also started Domain Attraction, an online marketing business providing search engine marketing services.

I had the idea for in the middle of 2004 as it enabled me to draw on my background and experience of online recruitment and online marketing.

Is Jobs In Search a full-time job for you, or do you have another 9 to 5 job?

I am now working full time on Jobs In Search but I still run some search engine marketing campaigns for my existing clients.

How do you define the term “search industry”? And this is probably a tough follow-up question, but do you have a rough estimate as to how many people currently work in this industry?

My personal definition (as far as Jobs In Search is concerned) is that the “search engine industry” covers all companies that are involved, or connected with, the term “search”.

This includes the Search Engines, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing firms, New Media Agencies, firms providing search engine related software (positioning / analytics etc.) and Web Design firms.

As for how many people work in the search engine industry this was a question we asked ourselves when first starting the project. Although you can obtain figures on the number of people working with the large search engines, finding figures for the smaller search related firms proved very difficult.

Which job areas and skills do you see as being in the highest demand, both now and in the near future?

From the companies we have talked to we sense a shortage of good search engine optimization and search engine marketing professionals. As “search” continues to grow we also expect more and more companies to be recruiting for business development roles in the future.

How do you publicize your site so that people in the industry know about it? And what kind of response are you getting from hiring companies and recruiters? How about from job seekers?

We issued press releases related to the official launch which got picked up by various search engine related news and blog sites. We have also issued some further press releases since which have also been widely reported.

As you would expect we are also trying to maximize our natural search engine ranking positions as well as using pay per click. We also launched our own blog site in November 2004.

The response so far has been very encouraging as we have had a number of high profile companies contact us having seen our press releases. As for job seekers we are continuing to see the number of registrations on the site increase, which suggests that word is getting out there about the site.

I notice the majority of your jobs are for the UK, (currently more than forty jobs are listed) which is natural considering that is where you’re located. Do you have plans to expand the international listings? Has it been a challenge for you to make contacts with companies in other countries?

The plan all along was to be an international job site. You are correct in that we started with UK job listings but we expect the majority of jobs to be US based.

As for making contact with companies outside the UK it has not been a problem for us. All of the companies we have spoken to so far were happy to receive further information about our services.

Job seekers have the option of registering with you and sending in their resume and contact information. Can you explain the process and what happens after a job seeker sends in his or her resume in terms of hiring companies and recruiters seeing it?

The first step is that job seekers can register for our jobs by email service and we will send them details of any new jobs as soon as they are posted on the site that match their requirements.

In addition they can also register their resume with us and choose whether or not it can be viewed by companies and recruiters. We do not allow any companies or recruiters to view any resumes without the job seekers permission.

How does Jobs In Search work for a hiring company or a recruiter? Do they pay subscription dues? Or do they pay per job posted or per screened applicant? Or do they pay per successful hire? Or some other way?

To advertise on Jobs In Search companies or recruiters are required to purchase job credits. Each job credit lasts for 30 days from the date of posting. As there is no time limit on the use of job credits savings can be made by purchasing multiple job credits in advance.

Having researched the market for the cost of job postings we feel that we offer a very fair price for a specialist job site offering targeted job seeker traffic.

I noticed you have a jobs by email feature, but I didn’t notice an RSS feed option. Is that something you’re considering? Also, we’d love to hear about any other features and functionality improvements that you’re working on. For instance, can I assume that as you get more listings you will break down the geographical regions beyond the country level?

We are currently looking into RSS feeds and hope to add this feature in early 2005. As for other features we have more “Meet The Experts” interview profiles to add in January 2005 and beyond. We may also add an additional “training” feature in 2005 plus more information for job seekers about resume preparation etc.

As for functionality you can currently search for jobs in the major countries by state or county at the moment. However, as there is a lot of interest in “local search” we may consider more “local” options in the future.

Lastly, what’s your favorite drink?

A cup of tea!

Thanks Mike!

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