Search engine acquisitions in 2016-2018

What am I missing?

Acquirer Startup Year Snippet
Google Undecidable Lab 2016 creates tools that can help turn an online search into an actual purchase
eBay Corrigon 2016 searching and identifying specific objects within an image and matching that with other images or links to products.
Ctrip Skyscanner 2016 flight search engine
Amazon Graphiq 2017 pulls masses of data from the Web when it’s queried to produce answers in graph form and other visualizations Alexa
Pinterest Jelly 2017 tried to reimagine search as a social question-and-answer network.
Apple Pop Up Archive 2017 podcast search
Chan Zuckerberg Meta 2017 AI technology that can read millions of scientific research papers as they are published, recognize authors and citations, and surface the most relevant and impactful discoveries; it also provides free full-text access to eighteen thousand journals and literature sources.
Snapchat Vurb 2017 download the app can create decks or collections of places they want to go and things they want to do and can share these decks with their friends from a list of contacts on other social media sites, such as Facebook
Baidu Raven Tech 2017 voice recognition assistant
EdCast Sociative 2017 Sociative has developed highly focused content discovery technology, using topical influencers, personalization and machine learning.
Spotify Niland 2017 music search and discovery engine
Google Tenor 2018 Gif search
Samsung Kngine 2018 AI search engine startup, fully dedicated to the idea of making an AI which learns and evolves just like a human does. It is supposed as an step towards improving the next version of its virtual assistant – Bixby 2.0
Trivago TripHappy 2018 artificial intelligence to highlight relevant location and neighborhood information during the hotel search and discovery process
Liquidity Services Machinio 2018 heavy equipment vertical search engine
Google Where is My Train 2018 The app’s ability to offer precise information about the arrival and departure of Indian trains is not a small achievement given that nearly 14,000 trains commute across different parts of India on daily basis.
Knotel 42 Floors 2018 search engine for commercial real estate.

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