Internet Librarian 2005: Library Blogs – Ethics and Guidelines

Karen Schneider, who writes Free Range Librarian and who also runs the venerable Librarian’s Internet Index (now defunct, but maybe this will help: Using deep web search engines for academic and scholarly research) gave a talk about blogging ethics. Although the Search Lounge is about search, and I don’t want to make it a blog about blogs, I did want to mention some things she said on this topic.

biblioblogosphere – the world of librarian blogs.

Good quote:
“There is nothing more pathetic than a librarian who gets the facts wrong.”
The context for this quote was her adamant insistence that we as librarians fact-check everything we publish.

Another good point she made was about transparency and how important it is to provide “About Me” sections. I totally agree. It doesn’t have to be an extensive bio, but at least provide a brief paragraph so that I can at least think I’m reading a real person’s writing and not astroturf or a splog.

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