Craigslist part 2 – the public has spoken through its searches

Dear Craigslist,
I recently wrote a very simple write-up of some straightforward suggestions I thought would improve the user experience on your site. Here is a selection of some of the referral queries from GYM that have since brought users to that article:

    search all craigslist
    search all of craigslist
    search all of craigslist at once
    automatic search craigslist
    craigslist meta search
    craigslist search all
    how can i search all of craigslist at one time
    search all craigslist cities
    search all of craigslist every
    search all of craigslist in one search

Looks like a lot of people want some kind of meta-search capability.

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4 Comments on “Craigslist part 2 – the public has spoken through its searches”

  1. Hi S,
    Yep, good point. Oodle does aggregate listings from Craigslist and other places. I think CL would do well to notice that other businesses, like Oodle, are being built on top of theirs.


  2. Hi Craig,
    I like what you’ve done on, but have you considered making it so the search runs against all (or several) categories and/or all (or several) cities at the same time?


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