Tagging and Meta-Search

Tagging systems are segmented by media. You can tag photos on Flickr, web pages on Furl, del.icio.us, Yahoo!’s My Web., videos on YouTube, your book collection on LibraryThing, and so forth and so on. But why should my video tags be different from my photo tags? There might be one-off situations, but generally my tags should follow me rather than me having to follow my tags around from search box to search box.

I want one search box or tag cloud to give me access to all of it. At times I may want to limit my search or browse by media (as in tabbed searching for local vs. news vs. images, etc), but often I’ll want all relevant results regardless of media type.

Tag Central does this, but it lists results by source rather than integrating them together with a ranking algorithm. But it’s fun to play around with.

Has anyone built a meta-search engine or a widget of some sort that actually integrates and ranks the results across tagging systems?

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